Authors and Publishers

Schaffner Press Head of Publicity 2005-2010

Dancing at the River’s Edge–Alida Brill

Fools Rush In–Bill Carter

Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed–Marc Blatte

Hope to Die–Verdi Woodward

Lost Childhood–Yahuda Nir
One Ring Circus– Katherine Dunn
Red Summer–Bill Carter
Snow Angel–Michael Graham

Carol Quinn, Follow My Lead, Seal Publishing

Curt Lowens, Destination Questionmark, Time Trek Books

Dan Fante, 86’d, Harper Collins Perennial

Frank Feldinger, After the Plague

Jeff Mudgett,  Bloodstains

John Menkes, After the Tempest, IPG Publishing 

June Foray, Perverse, Adverse and Rotten Verse

Kat Richardson, Grey Walker Series of Novels, Penguin ROC

Larry Hines, The Beneficiary

Laurie Roberts with Stuart Kaminsky and various Writers Behind the Mystery, Mysterious Press  EDGAR NOMINEE

Lynndie England, Abu Ghraib and the Photos that Shocked the World

Rena Puebla, The WOW Factor

Rita Lakin, Getting Old is Murder, Bantam Publishing Group